Libertarians At The Fair

In-Person Outreach returned in 2022

LPKY volunteers spread liberty to fair-goers at the 2022 Kentucky State Fair. Opting this year for a minimalist theme, the booth was outfitted with core literature and the focus was on conversing with those interested in learning about the pro-liberty alternative to the Democrats and Republicans. 

Our neighbors in LP Indiana were also represented, with Greg Hertzsch helping run the booth for a few days. LPIN had their ballot access race this year, and we were happy to distribute literature for LPIN’s 2022 candidates to Hoosiers who stopped by. (LP Indiana did retain their ballot access, too!)

A special shout-out to Jill Jaco, who traveled the greatest distance to volunteer. 

The full list of volunteers this year were:

  • Randall Daniel, LPKY State Chair
  • George Dick, former LPKY Chair 2006-2008
  • Bethany Extine, 2nd District Representative
  • Dale Gillespie, former LP Louisville Chair
  • Greg Hertzsch, LPIN Region 9 Representative
  • Jill Jaco, former 1st District Chair
  • Jacob Kilbourne, 2nd District Alternate Rep
  • Michael Maultsby, former LP Louisville Vice-Chair
  • Ken Moellman, LPKY Executive Director
  • Bill Schult, Kenton County Chair
  • James Toller, former LPKY Vice-Chair

A huge thank you to all of the volunteers who worked the booth this year. 

Randall Daniel and Greg Hertzsch at the 2022 Kentucky State Fair

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