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If you have ever harbored the slightest interest in running for public office as a Libertarian, NOW is the time to take action. Visit the Kentucky candidate website sponsored by the Secretary of State:  Become a Candidate Website Select the

Ken Moellman Talks About Tears

On November 7, 2019, Ken Moellman, Chairman of LPKY District #4,  did an interview with Leland Conway on 84WHAS (840 AM Louisville) regarding a statement made on social media by the Libertarian Party of Kentucky (LPKY).  The Party’s statement referenced

More Than 28,000 Voters Sent a Message

Are Kentucky’s politicians listening? This week more than 28,000 Kentuckians voted for the Libertarian gubernatorial slate of John Hicks for Governor and Ann Cormican for Lieutenant Governor.  28,000 votes are more than five times the spread between the (D) and (R) slates. 

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Libertarians are practical. We know that we can’t make the world perfect. But, it can be better. The Libertarian Party is the only political party that respects your rights as a unique and competent individual. We want a system that allows all people to choose what they want from life — that lets us live, work, play, and dream our own way.

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