Liberty In Your Neighborhood

There’s No Place Like Home

by Ken Moellman

Who is Ken Moellman? I’ve been a member of the LP since 1998. My first active involvement was as a campaign manager in 2006, I’ve served in multiple roles in state and congressional district levels, run for statewide office, sat on the LNC twice, and most-recently chaired 2 of the 3 days of the National Convention this year. 

It’s been quite a journey. And through it all, I’ve always tried to remember that my overall goal was to empower other people to succeed at spreading liberty locally. I pushed for infrastructure projects at the National level to empower our state and local leadership around the country to succeed.

With our newer leadership team in Kentucky getting rolling again, post-COVID, and the party’s IT infrastructure now mostly provided by National, I’m excited to come home to serve as the Executive Director of LPKY.

What’s an Executive Director? As we have defined it here in Kentucky, it’s a metaphorical “railroad yardmaster”. The state party decides, “We want to do X”; but someone needs to make sure the parts fall into place, so that the entire project is complete. It’s similar to a modern Project Manager.  And given that in-depth knowledge and communication with the other Directors and the state party, the Executive Director will also be giving the director reports to the state party on a monthly basis and help develop an annual budget for the party.

For those who haven’t fallen asleep yet; yes, it’s not an exciting or glamorous job, but it’s important “back-office” work that empowers the “front-office” to do more outreach and spread our message far and wide.

So, I’m back. I’m here to help the new leadership team continue to succeed.  

Why is this important? Across America, we have Libertarians elected to city and county governments. They’re advocating for and enacting pro-liberty policies; keeping taxes lower and stopping eminent domain. They’re repealing authoritarian policies; decriminalizing marijuana, AirBNB, and backyard chickens. Libertarians are successfully increasing individual liberty in their own communities.

That’s what inspires me to keep going.  And I hope to work with you in the near future on a liberty project. We have a lot of opportunity to grow the effectiveness of our party across the commonwealth.

If you’re ready to help, we have phone banking, and (perhaps) some large petition drives, coming up over the next 6 months. We need your help, either in time or in donations, to make it happen.

And if you’ve ever thought about running for office, now is the time. Political cycles suggest 2024 will be the best time for our candidates to run, and starting now, in late 2022, prepares you for a successful electoral run in 2024.

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