Warren County Update December 2019

From the desk of Joe Hunter, Chair of the Libertarian Party of Warren County, Kentucky:

While the commonwealth as a whole is dealing with State Senators and Representatives looking to restrict, or outright deny Kentuckians of their Constitutional Rights; we here in Warren County are fighting against an assault on our pocket books, as well, by the Commissioners of the City of Bowling Green. The hard-working, diligent citizens of Bowling Green are coughing up larger portions of their paycheck in order to improve the business prospects of a few “specially privileged” businesses. From a questionable $4MM project to improve the sidewalk conditions of the downtown square to the planned project to expand the road servicing Beech Bend Park, the benefits to the middle-class and low-income citizens are uncertain at best. At worst, these disbursements provide a no-cost advantage to businesses which may be in competition with other businesses who aren’t privileged enough to receive a free hand-out from the city.  All the while, citizens of Bowling Green are on hard times paying their bills so that college students can enjoy the downtown bars or out-of-towners can lounge in the “lazy river” at their expense. Bowling Green should consider returning money back to their citizens before approving such frivolous and questionable expenses. These projects are better funded by the donations of private institutions, collectives, or individuals.

Joe Hunter 
Chair, Executive Committee
Libertarian Party of Warren County, Kentucky

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