4th District Update December 2019

From the desk of Ken Moellman, 4th District chair:

The Fourth District had a busy and exciting year. We maintained two monthly meet ups – in Northern Kentucky and in Ashland. We conducted outreach at multiple events, and hosted our gubernatorial slate multiple times. NKY Pride was our first event. The Kenton County Fair, while happening during the hottest part of the year, was lots of fun and we had many great conversations. At the Boone County Fair, we distributed slate cards including our local special election candidate Kyle Sweeney. We helped run the State Fair booth in Louisville. Maysville Oktoberfest was again a success for the party. Spencer County Oktoberfest was a cooperative effort with the 2nd District party. We did outreach in the Eastern portion of the District at the Flatwoods Fall Festival and Greenup Old Fashion Days. Our last outreach event of the year was the protest of Hicks being excluded from the debate held in NKY.

Our G.O.T.V. (Get Out The Vote) effort, focused on reaching Libertarian voters in the 4th district, by robocall, email, and postcard, seems to have been successful. Our vote totals in the 4th District, in every county but one, beat the average.

Boyd and Greenup Counties continue to be developed by Coordinator Corey Gambill. We garnered a few new members in the area this year as well. We are hoping to affiliate Boyd County soon. We are also trying to work with our neighbors in southern Ohio and West Virginia as well.

Treasurer Aaron Judd reports that we are compliant with KREF and the books balance.

We have several people interested in running for State House in 2020, and we are looking for more candidates.  If interested, please contact us.

Thank you to everyone who helped with outreach this year, and a special thanks to Vice-Chair Michelle Randall who stepped up multiple times to do what needed to be done.

You can always keep up with the 4th District on our webpage.

Ken Moellman
Chair, Executive Committee
Libertarian Party of Kentucky – 4th District

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