Ken Moellman Talks About Tears

On November 7, 2019, Ken Moellman, Chairman of LPKY District #4,  did an interview with Leland Conway on 84WHAS (840 AM Louisville) regarding a statement made on social media by the Libertarian Party of Kentucky (LPKY).  The Party’s statement referenced the “delicious tears of Bevin supporters”.  The statement was made at the conclusion of the 2019 election season which saw among other things; the General Assembly and Governor collude to pass KY HB 114 to exclude all third party candidates from the ballot; LPKY candidates excluded from Fancy Farm, other events and all five televised gubernatorial debates.  Some of the tactics used to sideline or silence Libertarians were found to be illegal, others were accomplished with disingenuous inclusion criteria.  Listen in to Ken’s thoughts about “tears”.

(You can also learn more about Instant Runoff Voting here.)

Interview with Ken Moellman on the Leland Conway Show:

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