More Than 28,000 Voters Sent a Message

Are Kentucky’s politicians listening?

This week more than 28,000 Kentuckians voted for the Libertarian gubernatorial slate of John Hicks for Governor and Ann Cormican for Lieutenant Governor.  28,000 votes are more than five times the spread between the (D) and (R) slates.  So, 28,000 Kentuckians decided to vote for a slate that had the slimmest chance of winning to make a few points:

  1. They are fed up with the two-party duopoly. Neither of the big, old parties achieved more than 50% of the vote… not even the winner.
  2. They are tired of the two old parties cramming choices down their throats.  They don’t want to vote for the lesser of two evils.
  3. They want Libertarian candidates who are both fiscally responsible AND socially tolerant… not either or.

Incumbent Matt Bevin (R) might have picked up seven or eight thousand votes if he had not been so bull headed about legalized gambling, incarcerating perpetrators of victimless crimes, legalizing marijuana or abusing the law to bar third party candidates from the ballot.  He might have retained the Governor’s Mansion if he had shown some compassion for state employees, including teachers.  He might have won the election if he had not brought in President Trump to be his cheerleader.

The apparent winner, Andy Beshear (D), will have challenges dealing with a General Assembly where both houses are controlled by Republicans.  He also must deal with the burden of an enormous, unfunded state debt due to fiscal malpractices of past Democratic politicians, including his father.

28,000 Kentuckians took a stand in this election. Will their numbers grow in 2020? Will politicians listen?  It is said that politicians may not be the smartest people, but they can count.  What will they be willing to do for the 28,000 voters who rejected the two party system this year?

John Hicks (L) and Ann Cormican (L) will be recorded in the history of Kentucky as the first two Libertarian candidates to run for Governor and Lieutenant Governor, respectively.  Their leadership is a shining example of what a few dedicated people can do to spread the cause of liberty.  May their example be contagious.

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