Renew Now and Save

Membership dues are based on inflation

If You’ve Been Thinking About Re-Upping Your Membership Dues, Now Is The Time.

LPKY dues are split between the state and the county parties, with most of the funds ending up in the county party where the donor lives (if that county party is organized).  LPKY dues increase automatically with inflation; as a result, dues will increase next year.

Dues will go up to $40 annually starting January 1st, 2023, but if you renew before the end of the year your annual membership will only be $35.  This annual membership entitles you to vote in convention, take a leadership role locally, and it also helps actively support our part of the liberty movement in the state of Kentucky.

This also affects LPKY Lifetime membership, which is set to a 30x multiplier of an annual membership.  Through the end of the year, a Lifetime Membership is $1,050.  After January 1st, a Lifetime Membership will be $1,200.

Alternatively, we offer a monthly donation option. You can become a monthly donor for as little as $5 per month.  After 8 months, you would become a full voting member of the party and the monthly revenue helps LPKY keep a consistent budget.

So, to save yourself money and to help the party grow in Kentucky, please consider donating.  Whether a one-time donation or a monthly donation, your donations are greatly appreciated and help LPKY continue its growth in Kentucky. 

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