Conventions Complete – Where we go from here

The LPKY 2023 Annual State Convention was a success.  We completed business in under one day, and we have made some important changes.

The State Party Executive Committee is now elected by the County Chairs. The Board of County Chairs (or BOCC for short) was created to de-centralize the state party while also creating priority focus on county party growth and development.  This continues the path started in 2022 and signifies the desire of our members to focus on growing locally. The BOCC creates a good check-and-balance, while also reducing the size of the Executive Committee to make it more nimble. There were also some other technical and clean-up items for the State Party Constitution.

The State Party platform was updated as well. A few planks were sent back to the committee for additional consideration for next year’s convention.

Updated versions of the Constitution and Platform will be posted once the convention minutes are collated and approved by the Executive Committee.

We’re excited for what’s ahead for LPKY.  We hope you will join us in growing liberty in our own back yards throughout the Commonwealth.  To get started, please consider becoming a member and a monthly donor.

Thank you to everyone who attended, and to all those who are out doing the work on the ground to promote liberty.

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