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Johnson/Weld Petition

The petition drive for Gary Johnson and Bill Weld is quickly coming to a close. We now need those who have a petition to please send them back no later than Tuesday, August 30th. Please send your petition back to LPKY at: Capano for LPKY, PO Box 73213, Bellevue KY 41073

If you are looking to sign a petition, please contact your District Chair (District Parties are done by US Congressional Districts)

The Libertarian Party of Kentucky

Since 1971, the Libertarian Party has been a consistent voice in reducing the size of all aspects of government as a means of protecting personal liberty.

Born from an understanding that neither Republicans nor Democrats are interested in protecting the rights of the individual, libertarianism is a philosophy that holds that a person should be free to live as that person so chooses, and accepting responsibility for their own actions, without forcibly effecting the lives of others.

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