A Libertarian Police Officer’s Take on SB211

Being a Police Officer is not a career for the faint of heart.

This should come as no surprise. They respond to gruesome scenes following auto accidents, homicides, and suicides with regularity. They deal with highly emotionally charged situations daily and often deal with people who are in the midst of their worst day ever. By and large, they are honorable people who know this and expect to deal with a lot of darkness throughout their careers.

No surprise it is that many hate the Police, and the Police know this too; it comes with the job of enforcing laws that bureaucrats created long before many Police Officers were even born.

I don’t know of one Police Officer who would feel the need to be coddled by a new law as laid out in SB211. Policing is tough, and it needs tough people, both physically and mentally. SB211 is a waste of time and an embarrassment to Policing. Perhaps the senate meant this as a token of appreciation, “Hey, we appreciate you and have your back,” following the riotous protests over the last year.

However, if needed, laws are already in place that allows Police Officers to take enforcement action if they feel that probable cause has been met in feeling like they are in imminent danger from a person/protestor of physical injury. That law is Menacing and carries the same penalty (Class B Misdemeanor) as Disorderly Conduct 2nd, where SB211 would fall under.

Police don’t need more laws to enforce. Attempting to enforce many of the laws put forth by bureaucrats for their own self-interest is what has created such a divide between Police and the Citizens they swore to ‘Serve and Protect’. Bad laws = Bad relationships between Police and Citizens.

Here is another problem with this Bill.

I interpret this to be a Bill in response to the hatred spewed at Police over the past year during the many protests, in most instances on a protest line. It will typically escalate the behavior of the crowd to arrest a protestor in these situations. Free speech isn’t always pretty and was never promised to be. Police Officers are often the whipping posts at the end of unpopular laws or orders; it’s not a career to be well-liked. The competent Police Officer already understands this and accepts it as part of their job.

Thanks for the offer, but Police Officers don’t need your charity. Please use your time protecting the Liberties of your fellow Kentuckians instead of stripping more of their Liberties away.


A Kentucky Libertarian Police Officer

Written by: An Anonymous Libertarian Police Officer
Posted by: Ryan Raymond

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