Jorgensen Covered Swing State Spreads

The 2020 presidential election could have ended very differently if Libertarian Jo Jorgensen had not been in the race.  Jorgensen covered the spreads in three key swing states: Arizona, Georgia and Wisconsin.  That is to say, if the Republican candidate who finished second had won the popular votes that went to Jorgensen, he would have won all three states and their 37 electoral votes.  Those states would have flipped from Democrat Joe Biden to Republican Donald Trump.  The electoral vote would have ended in a tie with 269 votes each.  But it didn’t.

If the Republican Party ever hopes to win another presidential race, it may need to court the Libertarian voters.  In 2020 Libertarians preferred to vote for their own long-shot candidate rather than either side of the bi-polar duopoly.  This is because Libertarians vote for principles, not personalities. 

Will both of the old parties court Libertarian voters in future races?  We will know if we see them change strategies and adopt Libertarian principles.

Here are some things Republicans and Democrats might do (not just promise but do) to attract Libertarian voters:

  1. Remove U.S. soldiers from endless wars and police actions
  2. Remove barriers to free trade
  3. Reduce the budget deficit
  4. Support the entire Constitution, including the 2nd Amendment
  5. Shrink the federal government 
  6. Lower federal taxes 
  7. Get the government out of the healthcare and insurance industries
  8. Defend personal freedom and individual rights
  9. Stop awarding contracts to cronies 
  10. Stop using lobbyists to write legislation
  11. Encourage new ideas and more political parties
  12. End prohibition
  13. Tell the truth

If the duopoly is not inclined to adopt these Libertarian principles, then we can look forward to voting for Libertarian candidates who are committed to them.  Libertarian candidates have proven at the ballot box their ability to influence the outcome of presidential elections.     


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