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Creating a New Event

Creating an event is so easy a Republicrat could do it.  Once you are logging into the CRM, from the main dashboard, you will see the vertical navigation bar on the left.  Hover over the Events menu item and it will bring out an expanded menu where you will see the option to Add New.  Observe the below screenshot for reference:

Once you have clicked on Add New, you will be presented with a page of several form fields to fill out for your event.  The upper most field is for adding an event title.  Choose a title that is succinct, yet descriptive.

Beneath the title field of the Events Creation page, you will find a large field which is very similar to the HTML email editor of all modern email clients.  This will be the location to add the finer details of your event which will be shown on the individual event page of your event; include the details, time, location, zoom links, etc. etc..

Beneath the main event details field is an area labeled Yoast SEO, which helps with improving your Search Engine Optimization.  You do not need to do anything with this, if it is not something you are familiar with.

More importantly, beneath the Yoast SEO field group, is an area labeled Event Details, which is where you will be able to establish a recurring or one-time event scheduling, as well as defining the location of your event.  This may seem redundant, but setting your scheduling here (particularly for recurring events) will automatically keep your event rolling on the Events page for each occurrence.  When posting a time, remember that the system is set up to display this time as Eastern time.  Also, defining a Venue for your event here, will create a pinpoint on the main page map to help people identify your meeting location.  The below screenshot is for reference:

You may need to play around with the Recurrence options a bit to get familiar with them; but, the options provides a number of ways to quickly establish a meeting schedule cadence.  Also, if you believe your meeting venue has been used before, it may be good to type in a few letters and see if the venue shows up automatically, so you can select it.  If it doesn’t, or you know it is a new venue, then you can click the plus sign and add the details of your venue.  This will add the venue, and its details, to WordPress and you, and others, will be able to use it later.  As mentioned earlier, the Venue is particularly important as it will create a pinpoint on the main page map for your event, which may be the only exposure a visitor to our website has of activity in your area.  Observe the map screenshot below for reference:

It has been my practice to give a venue to Zoom meetings and to mark them in a way that distinguishes State, Districts, and Counties.  For instance, Zoom District 1, Zoom State, Zoom Hardin County; and to choose an address, such as a local government building just to get the pinpoint on the map.

That is, generally, all that needs to be done to create an event.  One last piece you can do to finalize the event set up is to locate the Categories box on the right side of the Event Creation page and to choose the type of event you are creating — Meetup, Convention, Business Meeting, etc..  Otherwise, you can return to the top-right of the page and click the Publish button to create the event and have it added to the Events page.

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