LPKY 2022 Convention Results

Constitution changes after redistricting

At the 2022 convention, the state party was reorganized due to the terrible redistricting map passed by the state Republicans and a change in focus for our party. 

Ignoring the fact that you don’t legally have to live in a congressional district to be elected to one, Congressional District 1 now stretches from Western Kentucky to Frankfort, cutting up several counties, because the 1st District Representative moved to Frankfort.

Additionally, there is a desire by membership to see a greater focus placed on county party growth. The changes were meant to be moving in the direction of additional county party empowerment. 

At-Large Representatives were removed, and congressional district parties were also removed. This freed up time for some of our most-active members to help grow county parties.

Additional changes to continue with this overall county-focused direction will likely be discussed at the upcoming 2023 State Convention as well.

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