The Libertarian Party of Kentucky denounces the actions and rhetoric of President Joe Biden

For Immediate Release:
We oppose President Biden’s new mandates announced yesterday. We also denounce his divisive statements regarding unvaccinated Americans as lesser people, and his threats toward the state governors who defy him.

This is what we are made for. If Libertarians cannot be bold and principled against this, we have no right to exist as an organization. Harry Browne wrote one of the greatest pieces of American literature on September 12th, 2001. He should be applauded as a hero. That is the Libertarian Party that we want to be a part of. A Libertarian Party that doesn’t pass up the greatest fight for liberty in our generation. Sometimes our positions are unpopular but we should say them anyway. This is what the tradition of liberty demands of us.

Any and all persons who believe in freedom should engage in mass civil disobedience to this tyranny. We do this for a world set free in our lifetime

The Libertarian Party of Kentucky

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