I know, there has been all sorts of upheavals, and craziness, and unprecedented things in American history. We have had wars and famines, depressions and plagues and other significant things.
But, 2020 is literally the most weirdest, unprecedented, eventful, and unpredictable year of them all. And unfortunately it’s not over yet.
I found myself disagreeing with Justice Ginsburg on a number of issues and in a number of cases. But the fact is, she led a remarkable life and her commitment to equality for women was laudable and something to be admired (and an issue I did agree with her on).
But maybe what spoke to me the most was her close friendship with Justice Scalia, who could not have disagreed with her more on points of the law.
“We are two people who are quite different in their core beliefs, but who respect each other’s character and ability,” Ginsburg said. “There is nobody else I spend every New Year’s Eve with.”
Maybe, just maybe, as we head down what I suspect is going to be the most divisive, tumultuous, and nasty period in recent memory, we should stop sometimes to consider the Scalia/Ginsburg relationship and look towards the things that bring us together instead of divide us (always without compromising our principles).
~ Chris Wiest, Chairman, The Libertarian Party of Kentucky
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