Cristi Kendrick won’t flip when she is elected Kentucky State Representative of District 66.  She is rooted in libertarian principles.  That means she trusts you to live your life any way you want, as long as you don’t hurt other people or take their stuff… because they have rights, too.

On the other hand Ed Massey, the incumbent Representative of District 66, is a flipper.  He has already misled us about medical marijuana.  In 2018 he told voters that he supported legalizing medical marijuana.  But when it came time to vote for House Bill 136 he turned his back on veterans with PTSD, kids with leukemia, cancer patients with chronic pain and victims addicted to opioids.  He voted against medical marijuana.  He turned his back on the sick and dying citizens of Kentucky who might be comforted with cannabis.  Shouldn’t it be their free choice to seek relief without being thrown into jail?  Shouldn’t we get criminals out of the marijuana trade?

Like his colleagues in Frankfort, Mr. Massey thinks he has such good ideas that they should be laws and all of us should be forced to comply with them.  Send Cristi Kendrick to Frankfort.  She will be our voice for personal liberty and against the abuse of force.  She is running as a Libertarian.  Libertarians are fiscally frugal and socially tolerant.

Vote Cristi Kendrick for Kentucky State Representative of District 66.

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