Send A Message With Your Vote

Based on what we know about the presidential candidates likely to be nominated by the two old parties in 2020, we can send a message that will break the strangle hold they have on our government.  We need to tell them that we will no longer accept pathetic presidential choices who are unfit to hold the office.

Donald Trump has had his chance at the helm.  His greatest talent has been to have the good luck to be opposed by flawed Democratic candidates.  He has corrupted everything he’s touched.  He has turned the swamp into a cesspool.  He should apologize for his embarrassing performance and retire.

Joe Biden is a “bigger government is better government” kind of politician.  He brings with him all of the baggage that you would expect of a 77 year old, white, male politician.  Chances that he will bring new ideas and innovation to the White House are very slim.

We should be incensed by the prospect of  either of these candidates presiding over the Executive Branch.  They are unfit for the enormous tasks at hand.

All politicians know how to count.  They count votes.  They are good at it.  They count the votes that they get and the votes that their opponents get.   They often take for granted the votes that they get and worry more about the votes they didn’t get.  Sometimes they flip-flop their positions on issues to capture the votes they didn’t get in the last election.

That’s where Libertarians come in.  Our great opportunity in 2020 is to send a message by casting votes that will shake the two old parties to their roots.  We don’t have to vote for either of their candidates.  We can select a third candidate who will be on the General Election ballot in November.

Dr. Jo Jorgensen is the candidate of the Libertarian Party, the third largest party in the country.  Every vote that she gets will cause Republican and Democratic politicians to ponder what they need to do differently to get the votes that went to the upstart Libertarian.   Dr. Jorgensen is vastly preferable to either Trump or Biden because  she respects the rights of all Americans all of the time.  She will not rely on force to compel citizens to tow the line of “big brother” government.  Every American who feels like a second class citizen or is the victim of the abuse of  power should vote for Dr. Jorgensen.  She is their best bet for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Don’t settle for either of the old flawed choices.  Don’t waste your vote on Trump or Biden.  Vote for fiscal responsibility, personal freedom, neighborly compassion, smaller government, and free trade.  Only by sending the message that we won’t play the “lesser of two evils” game any more, can we preserve the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Be free.  Be brave.  Vote Libertarian.  Vote for Dr. Jo Jorgensen.

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