Ron Paul Recommends Reading F. Bastiat

Dr. Ron Paul was the keynote speaker at the Champions of Liberty rally in Covington, August 31, 2018.  Dr. Paul, 1988 Libertarian Party Presidential nominee, recommended that those in attendance read or re-read Fredric Bastiat’s, The Law.  It was a timely suggestion, since the rally included Congressmen T. Massie (R-KY),  J. Jordan (R-OH), W. Davidson (R-OH)  and Governor M. Bevin (R-KY).

Bastiat makes the distinction between illegal plunder, such as that taken by a criminal, and legal plunder, such as that taken by a legislator.  He wrote The Law in 1850.

Here is a link to Bastiat’s short treatise, The Law.

The following is a quote from Bastiat’s closing summary.

“Look at the entire world. Which countries contain the most peaceful, the most moral, and the happiest people? Those people are found in the countries where the law least interferes with private affairs; where government is least felt; where the individual has the greatest scope, and free opinion the greatest influence; where administrative powers are fewest and simplest; where taxes are lightest and most nearly equal, and popular discontent the least excited and the least justifiable; where individuals and groups most actively assume their responsibilities, and, consequently, where the morals of admittedly imperfect human beings are constantly improving; where trade, assemblies, and associations are the least restricted; where labor, capital, and populations suffer the fewest forced displacements; where mankind most nearly follows its own natural inclinations; where the inventions of men are most nearly in harmony with the laws of God; in short, the happiest, most moral, and most peaceful people are those who most nearly follow this principle: Although mankind is not perfect, still, all hope rests upon the free and voluntary actions of persons within the limits of right; law or force is to be used for nothing except the administration of universal justice.” – Frederic Bastiat, 1850