LPKY Technology Upgrades

There are many IT-related upgrades on-going in the party.  Here is the current list of projects from now until the State Party Annual Convention in 2018.

The website has been re-launched using LP National’s offering for state affiliates, which is a more stable platform and leverages economies of scale to be free for LPKY.  One of the key features of the website is the combination of multiple confusing multi-step pages into a simple, single form.

External LPKY Newsletter abilities have recently been upgraded.

Internal LPKY email is about to be cut-over to National’s new shared email hosting platform, which will improve reliability and reduce LPKY’s costs.  This will also bring back the ability to use mailing lists to conduct business, and therefore business can be far more transparent to the membership.

We are examining mechanisms to make business meetings, held by teleconference, open to the membership, without being disruptive to the business meeting being held.

We are currently working on designing an online voting system that meets (or exceeds) the requirements set forth by the new State Party Elections Committee.  This is slated to be the mechanism by which registered Libertarians will vote in the Libertarian Party of Kentucky primary next year.

We are also working on implementing a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system for the State Party Membership Committee to use to help reach registered Libertarians and to help maintain relationships with our members throughout the state.

The IT Committee is here to enable other parts of the party to do their job more effectively.  The IT Committee is Ken Moellman (chair), Wayne Fielder, Robert Perry, and Joseph Redmon.

Ken Moellman
LPKY IT Committee Chair

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