If you wish to run as a Libertarian candidate in Kentucky’s 2018 General Election you have one last chance to do so.  That chance is to be nominated from the floor of the Libertarian Party of Kentucky State Convention in Louisville on March 24, 2018.   There are procedures and prerequisites that apply:

  1. Nominations may be made from the floor by any Voting Member who has been appropriately credentialed as a delegate to the LPKY State Convention. 
  2. The person’s name and the office they are being nominated for will need to come from the floor.
  3. If anyone has filed to run for an office by the normal filing deadline of February 13, 2018 then no further nominations will be accepted from the Convention floor for that office.  (Click here to see offices that already have nominations.)
  4. The nominee will need to accept the nomination indicating their willingness to run and if elected to serve.  (Preferably, nominees are at Convention.  Otherwise, available by phone during the Convention)
  5. Floor nominated candidates must be dues paying members by 3/24/18, the date of the Convention.  
  6. Floor nominated candidates must have been registered to vote as Libertarian with Kentucky’s Secretary of State as of January 1, 2018. 
  7. Nominations cannot be submitted in advance of the Convention.  They must be made from the floor.  (However, candidates can express in advance their willingness to serve and run for a particular office and to accept the nomination.  Just send an email to Chairman of LPKY, HARLEN.COMPTON@LPKY.ORG, and LPKY Elections Committee Chairman, CHRIS.WIEST@LPKY.ORG.  If candidates do that at least a week in advance it will give the Party time to preclear them.)
  8. Every candidate must run against None of the Above (NOTA) and receive more votes than NOTA to win the Party’s primary.
  9. If you can not run for office you can support a Libertarian who does. 
  10. Kentucky’s general election is November 6, 2018.  Be sure to vote between 6:00 AM & 6:00 PM.  Good luck!



For the first time in history the Libertarian Party of Kentucky has earned ballot access. This means the Libertarian Party has the right to place candidates on the official 2018 Kentucky General Election ballots without enduring the ordeal and expense of collecting hundreds or thousands of petition signatures, depending on the race.  The Libertarian Party of Kentucky (LPKY) is qualified to put more than 2,000 candidates on the ballot for partisan public offices in 2018.  To see a list of Kentucky’s 2018 partisan races sorted by county, state and federal offices CLICK HERE.


For the convenience of our 2018 Libertarian Party of Kentucky candidates and voters we provide the following links to important election documents.


Are you a Libertarian?

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