Will Kentucky’s Libertarians take advantage of the opportunities they have won in court and at the ballot box?   Will they support their candidates by buying yard signs, promoting candidates on social media, attending events, or knocking on doors? 

2019 presents the Libertarian Party of Kentucky (LPKY) with extraordinary opportunities to promote liberty and increase the Party’s reputation and membership.  Federal Judge William Bertelsman effectively overturned bi-partisan Kentucky House Bill 114, which was intended among other things to eliminate all Libertarian’s from the ballot this year.  The Judge called the actions of the Kentucky General Assembly and Governor Bevin, who signed the bill, “arbitrary and capricious”. 

For the first time in Kentucky’s history all voters will see the name of a Libertarian candidate for Governor on every ballot.  That kind of broad scale exposure is precious for a political party.  John Hicks, Libertarian candidate for Governor, and his running mate, Ann Cormican for Lieutenant Governor, will expose Kentuckians to the fact that they are no longer limited to the bi-polar choices of the two big parties.  The very same parties who unsuccessfully tried to silence Libertarians by manipulating the legislative process (HB 114). 

Other Libertarian candidates who will appear on the statewide ballot November 5, 2019 include: Kyle Hugenberg, Auditor of Public Accounts, and Joshua Gilpin, Commissioner of Agriculture.  Hugenberg is the only candidate for the position who is a degreed accountant and a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors.  Gilpin is an experienced farmer and advocate for the cultivation of hemp. 

Kyle Sweeney will appear on the ballot in Boone County.  He is running to fill the position of Boone County Clerk that was vacated by the untimely death of Kenny Brown.

To support these candidates please make donations by visiting:



This is the time for Libertarians to show they are serious about participating in the political process.

The Libertarian Party of Kentucky is the third largest party in the state.  It supports candidates who promote greater personal liberty for all, free markets, lower taxes, and less government spending.



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