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Donate Monthly to LPKY

Platinum Level

Your very generous donation of $100 per month will put you at half of the legal annual contribution limit, and will be a huge shot in the arm for the LPKY in your area.


Gold Level

Your generous donation of $50 per month will really help keep the party active and growing in your area. This level of donation can pay for entire outreach events and critical outreach material.


Silver Level

Take you donation for liberty to the next level, beyond the Resolutons Club. Your donation of $30 per month will help keep the party really growing.


1798 Resolutions

The 1798 Resolutions Club is for members who wish to donate $17.98 per month. Named in honor of Thomas Jefferson, who anonymously penned the 1798 Kentucky Resolutions, it is our most popular donation option.


Basic Pledge

Your recurring donation of ten dollars ($10) per month will help keep the party active. Your monthly donation is used to keep the party operating and engaged in basic political functions.

Platinum - $100 monthly


Gold - $50 monthly


Silver - $30 Monthly


Resolutions - $17.98/mo


Basic - $10 Monthly