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Post-election wrap-up

With the election through, there were some disappointments, of course, but there were also some real bright spots.

David Patterson broke the record for the most voted received by a Libertarian in Kentucky. 44,231 voters chose David Patterson. Top Ten counties, by percentage, for David Patterson for United States Senate 2014 results, in order starting from the highest: Harrison, Anderson, Pendleton, Mercer, Powell, Metcalfe, Wayne, Owen, Bath, and McCreary.

We elected 2 people to partisan office. This is the first time LPKY has elected people to partisan office.

  • Shannon Denniston won Magistrate in Montgomery County
  • Tracy Roberts won Magistrate in Marshall County

Boone County ran a slate for Fiscal Court!

Two candidates broke 10% in three-way races!

  • Cristi Kendrick, candidate for Boone County Commissioner #2, earned 11.24%.
  • Joseph Redmon, candidate for Hardin County Constable #5, earned 12.86%

We still have much work to do, but we thank all of our great candidates who put their time and name on the line to promote liberty in Kentucky! It takes great activists like you to continue to grow the Libertarian movement.

We thank our donors! Despite being called every name under the sun, you enabled us to go farther than we've ever gone before. A total of $4B was spent nationwide on federal elections. We did very well for spending as little as we did.

And of course, we thank our voters and supporters! You are the reason we do this. Without you, there wouldn't be a reason to continue. Thank you!

The 2015 Election Cycle has officially begun. Do you want to see Libertarians run for office next year? Do you want to run for office next year? You can start to learn the basics here.

PS. The lawsuit with KET isn't over. Stay tuned for more on that, too.