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NOTICE: Special Convention Oct 26

This is a notice that a Special Convention of the Libertarian Party of Kentucky has been called for Saturday, October 26th at 11AM in Campbell County. Approval for this convention has been granted by the State Executive Committee for the purpose of amending the State Party Constitution, specifically limited to the nomination of candidates. This convention was required to occur prior to the beginning of the 2014 election cycle, which begins November 6th, 2013, in order to avoid any rules changes during the election cycle itself.

Those who are dues-paying members of the Party, and who have signed the Oath of Non-Aggression, are considered Voting Members of the Party. Voting Members may vote on party business in convention. Those who are not Voting Members may not vote on Party business.

The location will be Campbell County, Kentucky. We have applied to hold the convention at the Campbell County Extension Office, 3500 Alexandria Pike, Highland Heights, KY. While we have verified the availability of the facility on that day, it is possible that the Extension Office may decline our request to use their facility. If our request is rejected, we have 2 alternate sites lined up in Campbell County, and members will be notified of the change in venue.

This does not replace the 2014 Annual Convention, and that Convention will still occur in March.

Additionally, the following county organizations have called their regular annual conventions on the same day and location, to be held prior to the State Party Special Convention meeting:
The Libertarian Party of Campbell County, Kentucky - 9:30AM
The Libertarian Party of Boone County, Kentucky - 9:30AM

More information will be provided when it becomes available.