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July 2012 registration numbers

Once again, here are our latest numbers showing that the LPKY is growing faster than our 'Old Party' competition. We thank everyone who has registered Libertarian as we make the push to 5000.

Between June and July of 2013:
Democrats increased 0.05%
Republicans increased 0.22%
Libertarians increased 2.30%

We need this trend to continue. Many still don't even know how to register to vote as a Libertarian. If you're not sure how to register Libertarian, you can find that here.

NOTE: Kentucky law did not provide for tracking voters who sought to be registered as Libertarian, until January 1, 2006. The party first bought a copy of the statewide list in September of 2006 (the first data point), and has purchased copies in 2010 and 2012. LPKY continues to monitor and report our progress as we grow our numbers statewide.