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URGENT: Need candidate in KY Senate District 18

Governor Beshear has declared a special election in Kentucky Senate District 18.

If you, or someone you know, is a liberty-minded person and would like to take a chance and run in the August 4th Special Election, please contact us immediately.

Counties in Senate District 18 are: Bracken, Carter, Greenup, Lewis, Mason, and Robertson.

This process happens VERY quickly, so if you're interested, at all, we need to know right now.

Roads; efficiency and budget. And maybe ownership.

The majority of the public believe roads are better left to government management. I often ponder this myself, but I find myself having less and less faith in government's ability simply to maintain roads.

I'm sure the situation is not the same everywhere, but the roads are falling apart in my part of Kentucky.

Action Item: Give your opinion of tobacco regulation to the FDA

I received the following from a like-minded supporter of our NKYaction effort:

FDA Seeks Public Input on Tobacco Regulation

Democratic Feudalism

We, of the modern era, believe that we are more highly advanced than our predecessors. In many physical and environmental aspects, this assessment is correct. Digging deeper than the surface, however, it becomes clear that our best days are in the rear view mirror. While the word “democracy” is over-used and abused, this writer must posit that what passes for democracy today is merely a highly refined form of feudalism, with a duopolized ballot box thrown in for the sole purpose of decorating our labor camp.

Ernie Fletcher, smoking, and freedom

As chairman, one of my jobs is to promote the party the best that I can. I do this in various ways, but one of them is the political blog at the Kentucky Enquirer, run by Pat Crowley.

I recently engaged in an argument about Ernie Fletcher and cigarette taxes, with someone who claims, anyway, to be a Republican. This particular person excused everything Ernie Fletcher did wrong, because he increased the cigarette taxes, and added beds to mental health facilities.

Without going into the entire back-story, I felt as though it would be good to log this mess of a topic somewhere:

The Calls to War

In 2001, while the World Trade Center was still burning, elements in Washington were planning an attack against the enemies who perpetrated the attacks, but they also figured out how to use the tragedy to their own advantage. Ironically, this is happening once again.

Neda Soltan was slain cruelly and brutally by pro-Ayatollah militias. She wasn't the only victim, but she was the only one with a clear cellphone video of her moment of death. Now, the drums are beating for some sort of retribution from the "free" nations of the world.

Horses, slots, and the Commonwealth; a viable common-sense alternative

Today, the debate over VLTs (Video Lottery Terminals) at racetracks was re-packaged to be a "save the children", school-funding package.

This proves, finally, that VLTs are all about the state's bottom line, not about saving the racing industry.

I disagree with the VLTs for a number of reasons: It won't create many jobs; it is limited to a very select few existing businesses, and people who have full-blown casinos near-by will still just go to those, instead.

That said, I think it makes more sense to propose a common-sense alternative.

Inflation: It's What for Dinner.

The glossy magazines are singing the same old song they sang in 2008. "Inflation isn't happening, but gas prices are going up," says Forbes.

Inflation is a disease, not a symptom.

Green Shirts for Socialized Medicine

The President has crossed the line, conducting his own PR effort to compell Americans to support socialized medicine. Under the auspices of "reform," President Obama is seeking control of the entire medical industry.

One wonders if this is appropriate behavior for a sitting president sworn to defend the Constitution. Was lobbying the people for increased federal power utilizing a campaign apparatus, never disbanded, one of the President's enumerated powers? I'll let you read the entire letter for yourself:

Killing the American Dream, a How-To Guide.

Small business owners are my heroes. My grandparents were small business owners in Campbell County, KY. My great-grandparents on my other side were small business owners in Kenton County, KY. I know many small business owners from my work with NKY Choice, the "anti-smoking-ban" group formed in 2008.

Small business owners risk everything to be their own boss, and to fulfill the American Dream; to become independent and support themselves.

Small businesses already have a tough time out there. The majority of them fail within the first 5 years, for a myriad of reasons.

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