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Real Election Reform - IRV

It's extremely common for the LPKY to be asked, in a number of different ways, why we're doing what we're doing. Some ways are more pleasant than others. They range from "Why don't you use your talents in one of the two major parties" all the way to "All you Libertarians do is split the vote and you're the reason Obama was elected." (The latter was an accusation at the big Louisville TEA Party by a hit-and-run detractor who apparently said similarly disparaging things to the C4L booth).

Is the TEA Party movement Jumping the Shark?

In Massachusetts, there's a special election on Tuesday for the late Ted Kennedy's seat. In the race, there are three candidates: Democrat Martha Coakley, the state’s attorney general, Republican Scott Brown, a state senator, and Independent Joe Kennedy, a private citizen.

The Libertarian Party of Massachusetts has backed Kennedy. He is/was an active member of the local TEA Party movement in Mass. He's a follower of Ron Paul.

New Years Resolutions

I have been subscribed to "The Liberator Online", an email publication from the Advocates for Self Government, for years now. It's one of the core libertarian institutions not affiliated with the party, that has been instrumental in the Libertarian movement.

In their most recent email, they sent out an old list of Harry Browne's New Years Resolutions. Harry Browne was a great man, and he helped grow the LP. He specifically turned me to the LP, after nudging from a friend.

My Greenhouse Gas Solution

I read an article today stating that only 45% of our carbon emissions remain in the atmosphere… the rest are absorbed by the oceans and other natural balances for the carbon cycle. Since I already knew the amount of greenhouse effect our total CO2 emissions would make, it seemed natural to figure that in as well. Here it is: Our CO2 emissions account for .011% of greenhouse effect. This is the portion our government has decided to try taxing out of existence.

I have a better idea.

Why government shouldn't run healthcare

The other day, Harry Reid had a press conference the morning after he introduced his new after-midnight healthcare bill. During the press conference, he addressed those opposed to the healthcare bill.

Junk Science; ClimateGate, etc.

The recent news about "ClimateGate", as it's been dubbed, provides an opportunity to talk about all junk science.

The root of the problem is the current "pay for results" system. Scientists are paid based on results, not on good science, by think-tanks or other politically-motivated organizations.

Don't pin your hopes on a birth certificate

A number of folks running around in the 9/12 and Tea Party circles are really pushing the Obama birth certificate issue again. My advice: Just don't do it.

I only needed to do about 2 hours of research into the issue.

The best speeches of all time?

This is a call out to find the best speeches of all time - for content, delivery, or both.

Please contact me, Ken Moellman, and give me your best 2 or 3 speeches, and qualify them. Links to YouTube or similar sites preferred.

The good times, the bad times; You know I've had my share.

Sometimes I like to look back and see what we've accomplished; what we've done well, where we could have done better, and where we failed.

Global Warming Was Only True As Long As it Was Profitable...

Let me begin by saying that I went to school for Physical Geography, specialized in Fluvial Geomorphology. That's the study of water's effect on the land... be it rivers, runoff, groundwater or glaciers. I wouldn't say I'm an expert by any means, but I know a thing or two about climate change.

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