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Libertarian Party founder David Nolan passes away

Sunday, November 21, 2010


David Nolan, a founder of the Libertarian Party, and developer of the Nolan Chart, passed away on Sunday at the age of 66.

We need YOU to register Libertarian!

I often am asked -- why should I register Libertarian; then I can't vote in the primaries.

So let's look at the reasons WHY you should register Libertarian:

GOP fears competition, substance

This year, we have a very good candidate running for US Congress in Louisville. Ed Martin is a well-spoken, charismatic, successful small businessman, former independent political radio talk-show host, and Libertarian candidate for Congress.

But, because the Republican candidate in Louisville is losing by 20 points, the Jefferson County GOP is attempting to sue our candidate off the ballot, apparently in an effort to not be completely embarrassed.

The push to 5000

We're trying to reach 5,000 registered Libertarian voters by the end of the year. We believe this is both a reachable and reasonable goal.

We provide easy instructions on how to re-register here.

Some of you who have attended an LPKY meeting in the past month or two have heard about this, but since we have many more supporters who don't attend the meetings, I thought it was important to tell everyone else what this is about.

Louisville Tea Party, who are you?

Louisville Tea Party describes itself as this:

"The mission of Louisville Grassroots Tea Party, Inc., a non-partisan organization (meaning: our make-up is politically diverse and we are beholden to no particular political party), is to advocate for low taxes, responsible fiscal policies, strong national defense and smaller, less intrusive government and free market solutions to our nation’s challanges[sic]. We will accomplish our advocacy by organizing peaceful gatherings, evaluating local, state, and federal candidates and educating the community at large both on founding principles and issues that impact America."

I recently received a tip from a concerned citizen that the "non-partisan" aspect of their message has been dropped.

Assuming Duties

Ken Moellman, our chair, has decided to take a temporary leave of absence. If you have any concerns, forward them to me via our contact form or my phone 859.552.1522.

You won't notice much of a change, and he'll be back soon.

On leave of absence

Hello everyone.

Because I have a bunch of stuff going on in my life outside of the LPKY, I'll be on a leave of absence for the next few weeks. I should be back at the end of June.

And now for a clarification

Hello again, everyone.

It's now painfully obvious that we need to clarify some things. I've been on the phone all day, which has just been great (sarcasm). Let's get some things cleared up right now:

Oh my, the media

You know, I had about 7,000 other things planned for this week, and only one thing has ended up dominating it.

For the 15,000th time, Rand Paul isn't a Libertarian. He never has been one, he never will be one.

We have more coming in dealing with this mess, but let's correct the record on a few things right now.

On race and bigotry. 1964 and 2010.

There's been a ton of talk in the media about Rand Paul's alleged Libertarian / libertarian stance on equal rights.

We've told you before that Rand Paul is not a Libertarian and even explained it further.

But, the media won't let this die, in part because of the candidate's previous primary opponent, and in part because Democrats are poised to take an awful beating nationally in November, and playing the race card is probably the only thing they've got.

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