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On leave of absence

Hello everyone.

Because I have a bunch of stuff going on in my life outside of the LPKY, I'll be on a leave of absence for the next few weeks. I should be back at the end of June.

And now for a clarification

Hello again, everyone.

It's now painfully obvious that we need to clarify some things. I've been on the phone all day, which has just been great (sarcasm). Let's get some things cleared up right now:

Oh my, the media

You know, I had about 7,000 other things planned for this week, and only one thing has ended up dominating it.

For the 15,000th time, Rand Paul isn't a Libertarian. He never has been one, he never will be one.

We have more coming in dealing with this mess, but let's correct the record on a few things right now.

On race and bigotry. 1964 and 2010.

There's been a ton of talk in the media about Rand Paul's alleged Libertarian / libertarian stance on equal rights.

We've told you before that Rand Paul is not a Libertarian and even explained it further.

But, the media won't let this die, in part because of the candidate's previous primary opponent, and in part because Democrats are poised to take an awful beating nationally in November, and playing the race card is probably the only thing they've got.

Individual endorsement

Since endorsing this and that has been the topic de'jour, I thought it would be good to also note that I have personally endorsed Wayne Allyn Root for LP National Chairman.

This decision was not made lightly. Without going into detail, there are what I believe are good reasons that I have chosen to endorse W.A.R. for National LP Chair.

The endorsement letter follows.


History of the Political Party system in America

I wrote a few articles for the now-defunct Freedom Digest, explaining the role of so-called third parties in the history of the country. I didn't quite finish it, as the research involved took a lot of time.

The point of it was to show that so-called third parties played a vital role in the history of politics in this country, and to explain why they're less effective than in the past.

I didn't get quite get to the end, but here's what I had written:

Ballot Access - what does it mean?

Many people, even within the Libertarian Party, don't understand the issues surrounding the Libertarian Party of Kentucky and ballot access. This is a very important issue, so I thought I'd take a moment to explain it.

Kentucky has essentially 4 levels of ballot access.

A Brave New World

I had truly hoped I would not have to write this blog entry; that there would have been enough heat from all of us who've been to DC, who've called our senators and congressmen, and who've protested on street corners, political polls, and online communities, to have prevented this conversation.

Unfortunately, the Democrats had invested so heavily in this so deeply, for so long, that they were going to take a political beating next year anyway; and so, the health care plan passed the U.S. House tonight; with a vote of 219 - 212

To my liberty-minded friends in the Republican Party

Earlier today, I was in a facebook discussion about Republicans and Democrats. It brought up a couple of interesting points that I'd share more broadly.

First, let's all remember the difference between "debt" and "deficit".

Bush doubled the "debt" in 8 years, from 5.5T to 11T. However, if you factor in Medicare Part D, which wasn't there before, it added another $15T in unfunded liabilities (aka, more debt) which grows every single day. So really, Bush grew our country's indebtedness by at least $20T.

Interesting tool

While answering a question from a prospective member, I found an interesting tool that let me put a version of their inflation calculator on this website.

It's interested to see that from 1914 to today, that 35 cents in 1914 is the same as $7.56 today!

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