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The Electoral College matters

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Lately, I've heard a lot of people talking about the upcoming presidential race. It seems that no one is actually happy with the presidential choices of the Old Parties. There's a lot of "hold your nose" talk, when it comes to voting this year.

Here's some good news: You don't have to hold your nose. The race is already over in Kentucky.

How I came to the LP

One of the most common questions I'm asked is some variation of, "How did you get involved in the Libertarian Party?"

It's a decent story, I guess. So I'll tell it to you here, so you can save yourself the trouble asking me about the story, if you haven't asked already.

I've always been pretty politically aware. One of my earliest memories is of Mondale being stomped by Reagan (in the Electoral College, anyway).

I was excited about the Republican Revolution in 1994. It was all about returning power back to the states. I liked it. No; I loved it. I was on-board.

Red Star: An open letter to the TEA Parties of Kentucky

From Ken Moellman, former candidate for State Treasurer:

To all those recently denied leadership roles in the Republican Party of Kentucky -

First, I want to sincerely apologize for any inconvenience I have caused you. Your help in 2011 meant a lot to me. I never intended to hurt your political aspirations, and I think that the RPK is foolish to turn away such dedicated and motivated people such as yourselves.

Reflections from the former chairman

We've made some very good progress in the past 4 years.

We put a structure behind the party. Every level of the party now has a defined core structure, which gives defined roles for volunteers who wish to take an official role with the party, at whatever level.

This will help us continue to grow. Rather than have a revolving door of people in a single Executive Committee at the state level, and everyone else in an unknown role, we now have the ability to have defined roles all the way down to the precinct level.

Libertarianism in the Tea Party era

Some are tempted to abandon the Libertarian Party, and jump on the Republican bandwagon. They see the great hope for the future as the Republicans are influenced by the Tea Party. And I can say that I understand the urge to do so. But with a quick review of history, we can easily see why the Libertarian Party plays a vital role and why it must remain strong and vigilant.

Reponse to the H-L

The Lexington Herald-Leader decided it needed to weigh-in on the proposed smoking ban in Northern Kentucky. It was the pretty typical stuff. So, I punched out a response. (If you want more information, check out Here is the response.

Different flavors of Tea

My relationship with the various Tea parties in Kentucky has been interesting, to say the least.

We need YOU to register Libertarian!

I often am asked -- why should I register Libertarian; then I can't vote in the primaries.

So let's look at the reasons WHY you should register Libertarian:

GOP fears competition, substance

This year, we have a very good candidate running for US Congress in Louisville. Ed Martin is a well-spoken, charismatic, successful small businessman, former independent political radio talk-show host, and Libertarian candidate for Congress.

But, because the Republican candidate in Louisville is losing by 20 points, the Jefferson County GOP is attempting to sue our candidate off the ballot, apparently in an effort to not be completely embarrassed.

The push to 5000

We're trying to reach 5,000 registered Libertarian voters by the end of the year. We believe this is both a reachable and reasonable goal.

We provide easy instructions on how to re-register here.

Some of you who have attended an LPKY meeting in the past month or two have heard about this, but since we have many more supporters who don't attend the meetings, I thought it was important to tell everyone else what this is about.

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